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    Default QME Mistake Leads to Corruption Cover Up

    Hi, l hope to get some advice here, we do have an attorney. However, the attorney hates me because I pointed out an error the QME made, this error it cost us a year of temporary disability or $36,000. Our attorney did not correct this error because they say the QME is too well respected. My husband (57) has worked for his employer for 20+ years was injured in 2010. Oct 2013, His employer not the doctor, decided that he was no longer insurable and took him off work. In Jan 2013 he saw the QME the report was pretty accurate. Then in April 2013 three months later, the employer sent an old report that was wrote before even seeing the QME asking for a supplementary report via the new information. The QME did not notice the date and declared him permanent and stationary. We did ask the attorney to correct this issue and he did not, in fact he threw us under a bus and put our file in a drawer somewhere and did not speak to us again for 4 years. Meanwhile we applied for and received SSDI my husband is considered totally disabled by Social Security. Anytime we asked for an update we were told "the defendant does not have to make an offer". Fast forward to 2018 a court date was set we handed over all our doctors reports and the SSDI decision. Our lawyer again went balistic and wrote us a nasty letter telling us he dont know where we get off saying he is disabled, we will never get a disabled award. This was a career ending injury and the lawyer is demanding we accept a 30 wpi and go away. I am thinking about just filing a complaint against the QME and the attorney both. The money they are offering wont last a year so we really have nothing to lose. Its really the point of the corruption I am seeing that bothers me most. Why should my husband loose everything because of careless reports? Is there any options? I am willing to loose everything we do have coming to make this mistake right. Do we have any recourse or does the comp system have laws of their own? Thanks for any advise offered.

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    Default Re: QME Mistake Leads to Corruption Cover Up

    There is an obvious conflict between you and your lawyer.
    If there was a mistake, an " error it cost us a year of temporary disability or $36,000." was made, you may be able to recover it if the statute of limitations hasn't ran out - I think it did.
    Because of the lack of communication between you and your lawyer, I would advise you to consult with another lawyer and have him re-evaluate your case.

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    Default Re: QME Mistake Leads to Corruption Cover Up

    Thank you for answering, we do not think we can recover either. Sadly other lawyers will not take over a case this far along, there is no money in it. We tried when he first messed up because when we mentioned it to him, it didn't go well. LOL, We have tried to even get a second opinion. I mean how can we trust him after he failed so badly. I thought I might try and reduce his fees, but he knows there is nothing we can do. Its a really poor system.

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