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    I was injured at work on july 25 2018 I informed my boss that I was injured and proceeded to go to the E R where I was told I had a low back strain. I went back to work two days later with restrictions for 10 days I was still having severe in in my back and informed my boss I waited for a days nothing so I informed my boss that I was going to see my dr which he agreed to. the next day I was told I had to go see a company dr from workmans comp so I went but he never examined me just asked me if I can work and sent me to work with 2 days of restrictions. my dr also put me on restriction for 4 weeks I told my boss but she said they only look at company dr but they can see that I am still in pain. They have not offered me to go see another dr a month goes by and the pain is worse I cant sit or drive or walk upright and I walk with a limp so I went back to my dr who sent me to a specialist and he has said I have A severe low back sprain and has order physical therapy for 6 weeks twice a week will workman comp cover these bills seeing that they are not workman comp dr

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    will workman comp cover these bills seeing that they are not workman comp dr
    Only if the employer failed in their obligation to provide a panel of three doctors for you to choose from for treatment.
    Did you receive and sign Form C-42? If so, they are not obligated to pay.

    How is a Doctor Selected?
    A supervisor should provide an injured employee a panel of at least three nearby doctors willing to provide workers’ compensation medical treatment. The supervisor should provide the panel of doctors on an “Agreement between Employer/Employee Choice of Physician”, Form C-42. The employee must select one doctor from the Form C-42 and sign the form. The doctor chosen by the employee will become the authorized treating physician and will provide medical treatment at the employer’s expense. If emergency treatment is required, the supervisor should provide the panel after the injury is stabilized.
    Request and keep a copy of your signed form for your records. If you do not sign the form, but accept medical treatment from a doctor on the form, it may be considered that you have chosen that doctor.

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