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    Default Should I Talk to a Lawyer or Go with the Insurance

    Hi Im a 43 years male no other health problems been out of work with Alabama work comp about three weeks surgery date 9/3/18 had total knee replacement on left knee . I was pulling a pallet jack and knee just with out 10/20/17 . Work comp pymt $734 weekly .Been with my company 6 years as driver (cdl). I do enjoy my job is there any chance they will release me because of my Surgery . How do the the settlement work in my state.Also myhip and back hurt on & off . Whom do I speak to about that because currently Iím only seeing the work comp knee dr . Excuse me itís a lot of questions and feeling overwhelmed . Please share info

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    Default Re: Should I Talk to a Lawyer or Go with the Insurance

    Just consult a lawyer and be done with it - it's free and will save your sanity.

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