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    Default Bad Knees from Physical Labor

    Let me first say I had a knee replacement 7 yrs ago. Now my other knee is going out and my knee replacement is really hurting. I have been on this job for 16 yrs.It is a very physical job. Lifting and walking,up to 10 miles a day. Would this be considered WC or would it be looked at as old age?I am 62. Would WC cover my knees?I dont feel my knees would have worn out if I hadn’t had this physical job for almost 20 years. Cant seem to get an answer on the internet., since I was not “injured” in an accident.

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    Default Re: Bad Knees from Physical Labor

    I was not “injured” in an accident.
    Then bill your private insurance.
    Worker comp is paid by the employer to protect against the liability of work related injuries, it's not your personal health insurance policy.
    It wouldn't hurt to consult a lawyer anyway, you may have a claim if this injury is a result of your employment.

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