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    Default Osteoarthritis

    I worked a job for 20+ years where I did sand blasting and painting, 2-3 years after quitting I startd having problems with my hand. I within the past 4 months found out that osteoarthritis has set up in my right hand creating pain and swelling. Could I file a workers comp claim against the company that I worked for for all those years that caused this problem?

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    Default Re: Osteoarthritis

    Talk to your doctor about whether it is related to your work. Ask whether your work made you more likely to have this problem than someone in the general population that did not do that kind of work.

    If so, you may have an "occupational disease" claim to make.
    The North Carolina Court of Appeals has held that "In contested Workers' Compensation cases today, access to competent legal counsel is a virtual necessity." Church v. Baxter Travenol Labs, Inc., and American Motorists Insurance Company, 104 N.C. App. 411, 416 (1991).

    Bob Bollinger, Attorney and Board Certified Specialist in NC Workers' Compensation Law

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