It seems the ole tax dodging sex predator dodged the draft with a little help from daddy.

Captain Bone Spurs Diagnosis Was Favor From Friend of Fred Trump
A Podiatrist Tenant of Fred Trump Avoid Helped ‘Don the Con’ Avoid Vietnam? Pictured is the sign of the actual doctor’s office in Jamaica, Queens. His daughters say he came to Trump’s aid with a diagnosis of bone spurs during the Vietnam draft.
President Donald Trump avoided military service in Vietnam because a Queens doctor did a “favor” for his father and diagnosed 22-year-old Donald with bone spurs in his heels.

Because we are self serving Americans who worship the Almighty Dollar and tax breaks, facts don't matter.
We still love our two faced lying con man who caters to Russia, cowards to dictators, undermines our Democracy and endangers our troops - Putin couldn't be happier.
We won't survive two more years of Trumps incompetence, corruption and chaos - This clown needs to be impeached and jailed as soon as possible or we won't have a Democracy left.