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    Post Shoulder Injury at Work and Surgery Was Jan 2018, What Next

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Washington DC
    Injured shoulder and had surgery aug 2016. Out of work on disability til Feb 2017. Tore it again AT work Sept 2017. Surgery January 2018. This time it was Workmans comp and they have been great. This time my shoulder did not regain full function and I am at MMI. I can't raise my arm above my shoulder /head.Can not lift more than 10 -15lbs with right arm and only at waist level. Dominant arm. Went through 11 months of PT including Work Hardening and an FCE. Finished PT and FCE December 2018. My FCE test and my IME and my Ortho all agree that I am permanently restricted and can only be a light duty nurse.

    Now I am waiting for a response from Workmans Comp company. Not sure what will happen next. Still receiving checks, thank goodness. Still no word from WC, nor the hospital.

    anybody else have stories that they can tell me about what happens next?
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