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    Default Chances of Receiving Second Injury Fund

    Was on here a while ago. Hurt at my job. 4 shoulder surgeries, 1 knee surgery.( waiting for knee replacement as long as I can so as to only have to get 1 ) Was awarded SSDI 2013 because of my injuries and also because of high blood pressure meds and 2 anti depressents. 1st settlement 47.5. 2nd settlement 10% more 57.5. My wc attorney said that the ins. company will maybe agree to another 5% because my rate is so $$$. My rate for 57.5 was $569 a week. The max I can recieve is $711 a week from the 2007 wc chart. What are the chances of getting 2nd injury fund at this point if anybody has any experience?

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    Default Re: Chances of Receiving Second Injury Fund


    Did your lawyer file an application for SIF?

    However I believe this works like you have a pre existing injury and you get hurt at work and re injury same area and become totally disabled. In other words You need to re injury the already injured body/ mind part
    This is a very BROAD interpretation of the complex SIF. NEED MORE INFO


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    Default Re: Chances of Receiving Second Injury Fund

    Hey Bug,
    My lawyer discussed it with me further. He explained that what I should do is go for another partial settlement which he already proposed to the which will bring me up to about 67.5% disabled. After getting this settlement I can get my left knee replaced and than go for 100% disabled. He said it might take over a year to get all the reports which the 2nd injury fund would need plus the judge might not accept 100% at this time so I agreed with him since he's the lawyer lol. Thanks for getting back to me Bug

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