My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: DC
I posted a couple weeks ago because I was waiting for my job to tell me whether I can have my old position back. Apparently the shoulder ortho made the decision that I can NOT return to the position because of my shoulder being at MMI. Jan 24 I did receive a call from Occ Health. The first thing she asked me was "did you find another job yet?"

I said, " I was waiting for the decision," and then she told me to look for another job where I work. If my current workplace has nothing then I am to look system wide.

PROBLEM is: All other positions pay much less because there will be no physical demands other than computer/phones, walking, etc. My job paid well because it was direct physical contact with people.

Does Workmans Comp help with that? I've read that they may make up the difference. We are talking at least 20,000 less per year.

Is this where I get a lawyer? I have put a call into my WC adjuster asking her these questions but she has not returned my call (3 days).

thanks for any advice.