Hello to all

I a'm new to all of this and it is my wife that got hurt March 2018
My wife had a glass door fall and break third and fourth metatarsal bones clean thru
Dr. for Walmart took x ray only and said Walmart would not pay for MRI at each appointment for 7 months
Even though in constant pain he said there was nothing more he could do so he gave a 2% PPD MMI rating in October 2018 and forced to go back to work with no restrictions
She could not be on foot all day so she had to give 2 weeks notice because both DR and Walmart said there is nothing they could do. (its the law)

We did not receive an offer from Walmart until Jan. 2019
They offered $4500. for payout with no future medical benefits which we appealed
My wife was still in pain so we went to private DR and paid for MRI and found out she had a stress fracture on second metatarsal that was not healed and ganglion cyst both caused from accident
We told W/C and they said that Walmart stated they will not pay for our tests and would not pay for a second opinion
Yesterday we got an email from W/C stating Walmart's attorney and Dr. said my wife would not wear boot (which is not true) and that's why foot didn't heal properly.

Now we are in a bad position running out of time, waiting on mediation which we don't think will help
We have tried to get an attorney to represent her because there is not enough money in it and it is Walmart who is known for tying things up for a long time
My wife is 62 with 10th grade education that was forced to take early Social Security to survive and I a'm a disabled Vietnam Vet
Could anyone tell me what the amount for 2% PPD for a foot should be and how to get her future medical attention from W/C

We have had enough, Life is to short

Thank You