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    Default Botched Back and Insults-will a real Dr please stand up

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Oklahoma

    August 2016
    Patient slipped and fell at work and 70 # of pvc liner landed on top of him. The fall hurt his lower back and butt area. A popping noise could be heard and patient thinks hardware from a previous spinal fusion, is broken in the fall.

    First Dr. -Diagnosis Spinal Stenosis
    Recommends a lamsnectimy. Assures patient it will fix the problem, even though the pain being experienced is much lower in his back.
    Dr. Says that “hardware never breaks.”
    After recovery period and a month of therapy...
    Tells patient he’s reached MMI ignoring that patient still feels original pain, blames it on old age and arthritis.

    Nov. 2017 Dr.# 2 - agrees that hardware could be broken. Does surgery to remove hardware. Finds it broken in 3 pieces. Surgery takes much longer than expected. A screw head has to be “dug around for.” Dr. Says, “this will cause pain.”
    After recovery period patient once again feels original pain, plus soreness, restless leg, trouble sleeping, pain in shoulder and down leg, numb fingers and toes.
    Dr. Says “you’ve reached MMI. “I’m done with you!”

    Dr.#3- Tells patient the pains he is experiencing has nothing to do with his back, then suggests the cause could be cancer in his pelvis. Requests an MRI and exrays.
    MRI comes back blurry. Dr. Tells patient it is his fault. Then, “ Get out of here, I have other patients to see. He tells patient to “Go back to work and quit expecting WC to fix you.”

    We suspect nerve damage, so, Case manager requests patient to see Pain management. Pain mngmt tells patient that maybe the nerve can be blocked if we find out which one it is.

    Dr. # 4 Does EMG, finds the L5 nerve is damaged.
    Months pass...calls made to WC are ignored, even calls from the caseworker to WC go unanswered.
    At this point, A lawyer is sought.

    A year later,
    Patient believes he is going to find out if L5 can be blocked...

    Dr. # 5 is convinced patient has SI joint damage, because of physical evidence and a simple test. He even hears the popping grinding noise that patient complained of from the start. A cortisone injection is given, without the numbing agent required to prove the test. Patient suffers extreme side effects from the cortisone that keep him from sitting or laying in a resting position, or able to get in/out of a car for the next 2 weeks.
    At follow up, Dr seems angry that both patient and wife called his office to report pain levels. He acts in a manner which Suggests that patient is lying to get pain pills. In his report says that patient “denies any improvement!”
    While In the office, both Dr. And patient agree they think it IS the SI joint but doctor reports that this test proves it is not the SI joint. Stating that no further testing is required.

    March 2019-Now, patient does not trust that WC doctors will treat him well. This experience has shown that doctors will lie, belittle, and mistreat/misdiagnose to their own advantage.

    Patient believes the SI joint is a cause of pain, maybe from the start. Waiting for a request to be made by lawyer for another Opinion on the SI joint.

    Patient has NOT been prescribed pain meds since the surgeries and suffers daily. Without a prescribing doctor no meds can be prescribed.

    Patient continues to work and is offended at Dr # 3 ‘s accusations.

    Furthermore, patient feels the first surgery was unnecessary and may have caused more damage to the nerves and SI joint.
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