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    Default Over 28 Months Now What

    I worked at a med facility until Oct of 2016 as engineering tech Electrician. Fell off loading dock. Tib/Fib plateau fracture, TKR, torn shoulder rotator cuff, compressed lower lumbar, rt ankle jammed ; just doesn’t feel the same. I’m 59 yrs young. I can hardly get up in morning due to extremely sore lower back. Had TKR 6 months ago, ROM is Barly 105 degrees. I cannot do much physical activity without really agonizing the following day. I did retain a comp attorney. It’s very hard to communicate with him at all. He is a good guy but never indicates to me what he feels my outcome will be. He did last week indicate to me that the QME report was very favorable, but he was awaiting supplemental report from QME for ankle MRI and hand xrays because my hands have been added to claim because they are also bothering me a lot. My employer prob will wash their hands of me. I requested a new treating Dr. She has indicated that my condition is not great, and I’ve been approved for further treatment. Are there any ideas of what “very favorable” means in my case? My Attorney seems very tight lipped. Thanks..
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