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    Default Re: Outcomes of W/C Cases Dealing with Amputation

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    This is the type of threads I'd like to see more of.

    This forum originated as a support forum for injured workers, a place to share experiences and support each other emotionally.
    I remember a time when professionals weren't allowed - I felt it would intimidate people and change the atmosphere of the forum.
    It seems I was right, over the years this place has evolved more in to a legal aide forum.

    I'm tired of people coming into this place and asking how much they can get or how to navigate the system without a lawyer.
    I'm also tired of people using this forum as a tool to game the system - I bet I've banned at least a hundred people in the past year for running con jobs.
    This place has gotten quiet since I've cracked down on the games, I'd rather see this place dead before it's turned into a scam forum.

    Hopefully this place will return to it's original purpose before my time passes, it's people like you guys that will make it possible.
    Keep Up The Fight!!!


    Yes sir thanks Tony
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