i was injured at work from inhaling chlorine gas, i have lost 62% of my lung capacity and have the lungs of a 98 year old man. I got an IR of 25% and my claims adjuster is disputing my IR and has made her own assessment and dropped it to 10% without me even seeing another designated doctor. I am disputing the date of my MMI cause my nurse case worker spent a month and a half trying to find me another pulmonary doctor that would take workmans comp and couldnt find one so i was sent back to my first treating doctor, on Jan. 16, 2019 my nurse case worker and my treating doctor decided on that day that i had reached my MMI, the following week i met with the doctor to do my IR and after she had already sent it to my work and claims adjuster i got it after the fact and she back dated my MMI to Nov. 29,2018 which was the last time i saw myfirst pulmonary doctor who at that time said he has done all he can and said i needed to get a second opinion and they never could find another pulmonary doctor. My claims adjuster cut my weekly benefits in half to supposedly pay back what i was over paid. I found out where they are only supposed to take 25% of your benefits cause it can cause undue hardship. so my questions are this can my claims adjuster just dropped my IR to whatever she feels its worth? Can my claims adjuster take more than 25% of my weekly benefits? I have filed a complaint against my claims adjuster on the grounds she has lied to me, she will not return my phone calls, i have at least 18 unanswered emails, i have talked to her supervisor and it still continues, i got a letter in response to my complaint and it is still being investigated.