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    Default Permanent Disaility Rating 11%, Working Full Time, What Next

    About two years ago I was diagnosed with a repetitive stress injury in both wrists and tendonitis from computer work all day. I was off work for a few weeks, however, between my employer and the insurance company, I received my full pay. I was mostly paid by my employer.

    I have been back to work full-time for over a year, with modifications.

    Today Athens insurance company sent me a letter saying that the doctor said I am permanent and stationary. Based on the report, my permanent disability rating is 11%. "This rating is equivalent to $9,932 which is paid at the weekly permanent disability rate of $290 for 34.25 weeks. The report indicates that you are not in need of continuing medical care. Permanent disability payments are not due at this time because you have returned to work receiving 100 percent of your wages at the time of injury. When a settlement or award for benefits is made, your permanent disability payments shall be calculated from the last date of temporary disability payments, or the date you became permanent and stationary, whichever is earlier...We are unsure if we agree with the results of this evaluation as it pertains to your level of permanent impairment and as such will be writing to Dr. Jayakar reqeusting a supplemental report requesitng clarification/additional information."

    What does this mean?

    Plus, the doctor told me that I should be offered life-time medical to deal with flare-ups. And, I an not totally recovered, so I will need on-going medical care for flare-ups, so I don't understand the part that says I do not need continuing medical care. Well, I don't understand pretty much all of this.

    If anybody has any insight, I would be very grateful to hear it.

    Thank you so much!

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    Default Re: Permanent Disaility Rating 11%, Working Full Time, What Next

    Do you have an attorney?

    If not, I suggest you speak with one about your case ASAP

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