I am going to try and get to the point. I fell on 2/15 in a ptís driveway hit the back of my head on front of my car and landed on a block of snow covered ice. I have been diagnosed with post concussion syndrome and neck and back strain. I have a previous neck injury from 2015 that was settled through workers comp in Georgia. I live in Michigan now. During the course of therapy for my concussion my neck and back pain became unbearable dr stopped PT and OT and ordered MRI 3 neck , Thoracic and lumbar with IV sedation. The concussion or treatment was never in question. I receive a letter from insurance carrier that I was being sent to IME 4 days prior to MRI. Day after IME I receive a call from nurse manager stating my MRI had been postponed until IME report. I do have a lawyer who at the moment doesnít seem to concerned about IME report all he said was 95% favor employer and to just tell the truth but do not take any requested forms in. My restrictions are no lifting over 10 lbs this changed from 25lbs after X-ray showed slipped disc in lower back , no twisting or bending and no driving which were all in place due to concussion. I was told today by insurance adjuster that he is expecting report no later than Monday and that the IME report will trump doctor restrictions. I saw my doctor yesterday and he is referring me to the concussion clinic in the next city over. I can understand although I wonít agree the IME challenging the neck injury because of previous injury even though my doctor stated their has definitely been a change with the fall. But in order for me to return to current position I have to be restriction free and able to drive. I have to be able to lift a pt if I were to walk in a home and find pt on the floor. The pain I had with old injury and the pain I have now are totally different as this pain is severe , debilitating and causes pain with sitting or standing , shooting pain at times I have had to use a wheel chair. Add the concussion symptoms of nausea , dizziness and balance issues and cognition I am a mess. I also received an early check from adjuster after him missing a week of pay saying he forgot. I fear those checks were my last as he seemed quite sure the IME would be different from treating Dr. I placed a call to my lawyer to update him on status . My restrictions have always allowed me to return just under modifications. I am allowed 2 hrs a day 3 days a week per treating doc as I still have lots of therapy needed. I left a message for my lawyer as to whoís orders should I follow. I just am having a hard time believing the IME doc would totally disregard my concussion syndrome and the treating doc and therapist recommendations that I have a long way to go. Before I can safely resume nursing. But from what I am reading that may very well be the case and I would be denied treatment at the concussion clinic. I am just overwhelmed stopping my benefits I will surely end up homeless I have a nine year old I would never fake an injury and risk this. I cannot not do my current job I am barely functioning at home. I am not willing to put myself in any more risk of becoming permanently disabled or risking my nursing license or hurting a pt unintentionally. What should I do. I am praying for the best but preparing for the worst.