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    Default Worker's Comp Settlement After 3 Surgeries in California

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: California

    Hello. I will try to summarize this as best as I can.

    I suffered an injury at work (end of 2015) while helping a patient and tried to complete work shift before going to doc. Doc did x-ray on left ankle and put me back to work even with swelling and pain. With permission of WC insurance company, I was able to switch to a specialist because I was not confident in the previous doc's opinion. Saw the new doc and followed all his recommendations. Turns out, I needed surgery. So, 3 surgeries later (and 3 years later) I am still in pain and ankle is not the same. Stiffness, pain, left foot tilting to the left and the whole side of the left foot is not hard with callous due to not walking normally. I did receive TTD and it stopped when I reached the 104 weeks, which was about a year ago. Recently I've moved to a different state and was able to get approval to see a different doctor to continue treatment in the area. The new doctor wants to do another surgery! At this point, I have already been fired by my employer about 3 months ago due to the fact that they cannot accommodate restrictions set by previous doctor. Restrictions are no standing for more than 2 hours, no lifting of more than 10 pounds. So this new doc wants to do another surgery and submitted request to WC insurance company. WC lawyer sends letter stating I am scheduled to see an AME doc in the next few months. Then received another stating they want to settle probably because they do not want to pay for travel expenses for me to see AME doc. Lawyer hinted something about $80K as settlement. Is this the normal rate for settlement? Curious if it would be better to just see the AME doc or to just settle? I really just want this to be over and done with and hopefully receive enough to pay back debts incurred from spouse being the sole provider for the family in the last couple of years.

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    Default Re: Worker's Comp Settlement After 3 Surgeries in California

    Lawyer hinted something about $80K as settlement. Is this the normal rate for settlement?
    There is no "normal rate" for settlement. That sounds generous for an ankle injury, I'd say grab it.

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