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    Default Tinnitus Due to Fall

    I have recently been diagnosed with Tinnitus and hearing loss. I just had an MRI which results came back clear. I had a mild concussion from the fall and my ENT said this is from the trauma of falling. Workers comp has offered a settlement which is low balling - so I'm going to find a good workers comp lawyer and get him involved. I'm not sure what Tinnitus and the fact I'm now wearing masking hearing aids, and my change in life is worth to them but to me it's more than what they are offering me.

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    Default Re: Tinnitus Due to Fall

    my change in life is worth to them but to me it's more than what they are offering me.
    Your change of life is worth absolutely zero to them, it's not taken into account.
    Benefits are determined by your Permanent Impairment Rating and loss of earning capacity, anything else is a side issue.

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