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    Default 3rd Times the Charge

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Illinois

    I am 33 Y.O. I have worked in construction for 14 years. I injured myself at work last year in January. I had a torn meniscus which i had a surgery to repair it in March. I was all work until July. I returned on light duty. knee still gave me problems and it was determined that the surgery was not successful so I had to have another surgery in January. did PT again for about 3wks and was on light duty for about 2 months. through out the entire time I was complaining that it didnt seem as though I was improving as much as I should. after removing fluids twice and cortisone shots it was determined I needed a partial knee replacement. should I expect a large settlement from WC? and what about future issues? I have read that it is more than likely I will need another surgery In my late 40s.

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    should I expect a large settlement from WC? and what about future issues?
    Depends on your final impairment rating and loss of earning capacity, don't expect a million dollars.
    You need to have a free consult with a lawyer, he can evaluate the facts of your claim and give you an idea of what of to expect.

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