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    Default Life Long Disability and Workers Comp


    How does workers comp work, if you got a life long disability? I have a nerve disease now that gives me constant pain, 24 hours a day, that was caused by a work related injury 3 years ago. I've had 7 surgeries to try to correct the problem, and they haven't worked. They did try to settle once, but they never responded to my counter offer. I will need constant medical care for the rest of my life, and multiple surgeries.

    My only option is to keep the case open, or settle with the case being open, but narrow the scope of it. I don't know if I'm willing to do that. I have very good lawyers, but they aren't getting paid very well, because we don't go to court that often.

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    Default Re: Life Long Disability and Workers Comp

    My only option is to keep the case open, or settle with the case being open, but narrow the scope
    That makes zero sense and will never happen .
    The purpose of settling is to get you off the dough and close your claim, an open claim isn't settled.
    You better have a consult with your lawyer and find out where you really stand.

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