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    Default How Does Calpers Calculate Idr


    My department offered me industrial disability retirement and I took it. I know itís different from medical retirement from calpers. I have been told itís 50% highest salary or 36 months which ever is the highest.

    Do they just go by your tax return wage, tips, box and 50% from it?

    Some officers told me it comes out to more like 60% of your earning since itís tax free.

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: How Does Calpers Calculate Idr

    Some officers told me it comes out to more like 60% of your earning since it’s tax free.
    That's wrong, you better wait until you consult your lawyer if you want specific info about your benefits.

    Service & Disability Retirement
    Tax Withholding
    Unless you submit an election for tax withholding, CalPERS is required to withhold taxes from your monthly allowance based on the tax tables for a married person with three allowances.
    By law, all CalPERS retirees with taxable allowances are required to select one of the three withholding choices:
    A specific dollar amount withheld (state withholding only)
    No taxes withheld
    Taxes withheld according to the tax tables, based on marital or head of household status and numbers of allowances (you may also add a specific dollar amount to this election)
    If you choose one of the tax tables, taxes will not be withheld unless your gross allowance exceeds the minimum amount listed on the tax table for your filing status (e.g., single, married, number of dependents, etc.). You may change your tax withholding election at any time by submitting a Tax Withholding Election (PDF) form.

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