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    Default Case Reopened and Insurance is Paying for Medical

    Hi again,

    My case has been reopened for worsening condition and the WC insurance is paying my medical bills. Should I also be getting TTD while getting medical care? My original case ended a few years ago and I was given a settlement with case able to reopen because of my condition.

    My lawyer filed with the commission for Dr office visits to be paid and the WC agreed so they withdrew the complaint and they ARE paying my doctors at this time.... Just wondering if my TTD should have been reinstated as well. Does anyone know about this. Thanks !

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    Default Re: Case Reopened and Insurance is Paying for Medical

    Depends on the wording of the settlement agreement - was it for a closed period or life also if you're presently employed and the degree of disability.
    The only one who can give a definite answer would be your lawyer, he knows the details of your claim.

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    Default Re: Case Reopened and Insurance is Paying for Medical

    It was closed for a period and for 2 body parts, and 85% impairment. No I am not working and will never be able to work again. The case was left where it can be reopened if my symptoms spread to another part of my body because is it nerve related.

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