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    Hello. My workers comp claim is 7 yrs old. I filed a lawsuit in court settling through mediation with the Attorney General back in August 2019. I was told since the settlement amount was over 100k it needed to go for a simple review in Columbus at the Attorney General's Office to be signed. Told process 2 months at tops. It has now been 4 months. My attorney says two other cases after mine have come back signed and processed and she has no information on mine. The attorney General assigned to my claim does not return her calls. All she can do is email him..and was told his office is short staffed!!!! Has anyone else had to deal with this? How long was your settlement paper work stuck at their office, and how long did it take after that to finally receive your settlement? I don't think this will EVER end! You would think they would want me off their books! Unreal what they put people through. I will be homeless soon! Merry Christmas Workers Comp!

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    Hi, was there any positive outcome to this ? And yes, it is sad what they put people / families through.

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