It was discussed during the initial free consultation with the attorney that his fees would be equal to 15% from an award. As I’ve been told, each time the attorney goes to court and wins an award, he gets paid 15% from the first check. I have not received any awards yet, but, I received Form OC 400.1 to sign so that the attorney could get a $1,200 from my award. The document states that the lawyer’s office had already spent 20 hours on my case. Out of these 20 hours, more than 5 hours had been spent on reviewing my case even before the first consultation took place. The free consultation was listed as a 2-hour work, and new intake was shown as done 3 times. I’ve had this attorney for two months and I wonder if I am going to get such fee approval requests every two months even before knowing the amount of the award won. Is this a common practice for WC lawyers? Shouldn’t they first secure an award and get their fee from that amount? Are they going to be paid $1,200 and also 15% from the award? And what is meant by 15% from the first check? The response from the lawyer was not very comprehensive and I would greatly appreciate your input and clarification. Thank you.