My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: North Carolina

In June 2018 I tore my rotator cuff at work. After all the preliminary items that I had to complete I had surgery near the end of October that year. I went to PT and first we worked on stretching first. In early 2019 we started working on strength. It was then that I noticed a continuing discomfort in the same shoulder and I told my PT assistant and asked her to document it. I continued to do my PT and just assumed that the pain I was experiencing was just protocol for that type of surgery. I asked my PT assistant later to confirm that she documented my pain concerns and she looked back in her file and said that it was documented. I was released to go back to work in February 2019 under light duty and after another month or two the light duty was removed. At every doctor's visit I went to I was always asked how I felt and my answer was "sore". I was given a 10% disability and was paid yet the "soreness" was always there. I was told that it would take at least a year for the shoulder to fully recover so after the June birthday and the "soreness" was still there I asked WC for a follow up appointment with my doctor. I eventually was able to see him in August 2019. I told him about the discomfort during PT so he gave me a shot in the shoulder. The shot made the majority of the pain go away but after another month it was back. I went back to the doctor again in September and was given a prescription some type of pain pill that had no effect. I then went back again in October and he asked me "have we done a MRI yet?" I told him no and he ordered an MRI. Six weeks later the MRI was approved and I had it done. I received the report and it stated that I have a torn rotator cuff tendon along with a torn bicep tendon. I am convinced that this was done during PT as the doctor told me after surgery that he looked at my bicep tendon during surgery and it was fine. I have an appointment on the 10th of January to discuss the MRI. Do I need to make another claim for this injury or will WC just consider it a continuation of the 1st? Do I need to push the issue that the injury occurred during PT? Since the new injury happened in 2019 and if I do have surgery will I be compensated weekly at the 2019 rate? Are there any recommendations before my Jan 10th MRI follow up?

Thanks in advance to your responses,