My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: New York

I entered a clinical trial in 2008 at New York Psychiatric/Columbia Presypeterian hospital. The trial was suboxone for pain patients who were having a hard time staying on dose's of regular "Mu-Agonist" opioid medications. I had tried it all from Morphine to methadone and always seem to need ever increasing dose's. Buprenorphine worked for me and after a year on it, I slowly went off and stayed off for a year. I knew I may have to restart if the pain got worse and it did. I tried Tramadol and NSAID's to no avail so I found a doctor in 2010 and restarted subutex-buprenorphine stand alone without naloxone. I did not require a deterrent as I was not an abuser per se-I just had high tolarance.
I just had a medication IME and that doctor agrees with my doctor but it may be to no avail as NYS WCB is removing buprenorphine come June 2020 WHY? One would imagine there would be a push to increase this life saving medication not remove it!?

I will fight it and with the IME I suppose I have a good chance of winning but what of others? What if I do not win? I am on a fixed income and $300 to $450 a month is way too expensive! (that's a whole other issue since buprenorphine has been on the market since the 80's why so costly?)

Thanks-Glen AKA the swan