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Not sure if it makes a difference but the injury part of my claim says foot. Also if they do find me employment that only pays say $10/hr, does the IC have to make up the difference? ($24/hr) If so, for how long? Thanks for helping me sort through this process,I’m learning.
They're on the hook for 66 2/3 percent of your average weekly wage until you recover or your case is closed, nothing more.

The money earned will be deducted from your wage loss benefits, they don't pay 100% wage loss or make up the difference in your pay.
You better have a consult with your lawyer, he should be explaining this stuff to you based on the facts of your claim - you shouldn't be in the dark over anything, let alone asking for advice in an internet forum.
This forum is for general info, we don't give specific advice on a particular claim.