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    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: ca

    Why can't I get my surgery and get back to work. Why is the ins. Company allowed to put me threw soo much pain and suffering, and I cant do anything about it ?
    I had to go to e.r. to get medical care because they deny what I need .
    Big banks are starting to get into this ins
    Because its soo profitable, and all the money will be made off the unsuspecting injured workers like in any other ponzie scheme ..

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    Are you serious
    Why can't I get my surgery and get back to work.
    Because for some reason you failed to present a credible claim - The carrier will pay only if they have to, they can only get way with what you allow.

    Another reason is we have people who game the system - They think if they have surgery they qualify for lifetime disability and a million dollar settlement, they never seem to recover let alone go back to work.
    We've had people who've had surgery on a pinky finger claiming they'll never be able to work or have sex again and want a million dollar settlement - It's cons like this that make it hard on legitimate claims and why I've become a prick.
    If I'm getting sick of the games imagine the hell those adjusters are going through.

    I cant do anything about it ?
    Sure there is.
    As the claimant it's your responsibility to follow protocol in reporting the injury, filing the claim, obtaining legal counsel at the first sign of a problem and then follow your attorneys instructions.
    A breakdown in any of the above steps will lead to the denial of your claim.

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