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    Default Trump's a Crime Fighting Genius

    This "crimefighter" is releasing every felon, tax cheat, con man, sex predator and fraudster in the Federal Prison system and we're supposed to seriously believe he's worried about corruption in Ukraine.
    The criminal Senate, Moscow Mitch, Water Boy Barr and the deranged Republican party have declared him King and above the law - This psychopath (with coaching from Putin) intends to undermine the Constitution and destroy the morals this country was built.

    Our Country has been hijacked by a Draft Dodging sex predator/Russian Puppet/ Con Man and we're the joke of the planet for allowing it to happen.
    This coward brags about assaulting women and had unprotected sex with a prostitute the first week his wife was home with their first baby.
    He's shown no remorse, has no empathy, conscious nor any moral limits - He's delusional, impulsive and is capable of anything, he's our #1 national security threat.

    I have zero respect for anyone who defends or supports this psychopath, you're a traitor to your country and Our Creator - Remember, we are One Nation Under GOD (not Under Trump)
    Life is bigger than a tax break, a bigoted belief or being a self serving hypocrite - my God, think of something other than yourself.

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