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    Default Scar from Surgery

    I had 2 surgeries on my distal bicep tendon. Iím wondering if I can/should seek any type of compensation for the scar thatís on my arm. I just had a tattoo done less than a year before the first surgery it was pretty much my whole forearm and it was for my daughter with her name in the tattoo. Of course the surgeon had to cut through my tattoo so now I have a scar going through my new tattoo. If anyone has any information on this I would appreciate your input. Iím located in Wisconsin

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    Iím wondering if I can/should seek any type of compensation for the scar thatís on my arm.
    Only if it affects your earning capacity.
    See pg.102 - 2.56 Disfigurement. in the below link.

    102.56 Disfigurement.
    (1) Subject to sub. (2), if an employee is so
    permanently disfigured as to occasion potential
    wage loss due to the disfigurement,
    department or the division may allow such sum
    as the department or the division considers just
    as compensation for the disfigurement, not
    exceeding the employee's average annual
    earnings. In determining the potential for wage
    loss due to the disfigurement and the sum
    awarded, the department or the division shall
    take into account the age, education, training,
    and previous experience and earnings of the
    employee, the employee's present occupation
    and earnings, and likelihood of future suitable
    occupational change. Consideration for
    disfigurement allowance is confined to those
    areas of the body that are exposed in the normal
    course of employment.
    The department or the
    division shall also take into account the
    appearance of the disfigurement, its location,
    and the likelihood of its exposure in occupations
    for which the employee is suited.

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