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    Default Settlement Issues, Maybe

    I need some advice....

    I was injured while walking into work last April.. I caught my foot on a rug, and twisted while falling to the ground. There was a rug there, that just did not fit and a lot of people had the same issues, I was just the one who got hurt. i ended up ruptured my ACL. Lucky me. BWC fought me, and in July a judge approved my claim. In Oct I got surgery... the day after I started having some intense sharp pains in my thigh. My ortho office advised me to go to the hospital. Upon arrival, they gave me every pain med under the sun and nothing would help. They decided it was due to nerve pain and there was not much they could do in the ER, so after 8 hours they transferred me and admitted me. I stayed pone week in the hospital. Total nightmare.

    After release, I started PT, already behind due to the hospital stay. At the end of Nov, my job let me know that I was at the end of my allowed leave, and if I did not return I would have my pay cut by 30%. So, I returned. I continued therapy until Feb of this year.

    I basically plateaued. My knee was stuck at where it was bending.. 105 degrees, of my expected 122. I can't walk normally, climb stairs, get up and down from the ground or do other basic functions. I am only 27, with small children, so you can imagine how that is making me feel.

    Now, after a year they are "offering" me a settlement. My doctor deemed me at MMI last week, and the settlement is for $2,000. No where near what I feel... as I don't foresee improvement without additional medical interference, I can not imagine this being fair.

    What are peoples experience with this? I have no idea what to do... I have reached out to an attorney, but with the current state of the world, call backs are delayed. I am in Ohio, if that matters.

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    Default Re: Settlement Issues, Maybe

    I removed the other two postings, you cant splash the board with the same question.

    Everything depends on your rating, your loss of earning capacity and if you returned to work full duty.
    That does sound like a low offer but without knowing the facts it's impossible to comment further.
    You really need to lawyer up- keep trying until someone returns your call.

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