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    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Ga i was injured at work a year ago! I dislocated my shoulder in which a bone was broken inside. I had a surgery called a bristow shoulder repair due to the pandemic i was not able to fully do all of my p.t. worker's comp asked mu doctor would i be able to go back to work part time for 20 hrs a week , even though i was a full time worker also i cant lift anything 10 pounds or under ! I still have a lot of pain and on prescription drugs that i have to take lawyer told me to just at least show my face but im pretty sure my employer is not gonna just let me be on the clock if i can't do anything!! I don't know what to do from this point!

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    Follow your lawyers advice, show face, do your best and at least act like you want to work.
    There's no law saying you have to perform a 100%, the rules require you show up and put forth an effort.
    Whatever you do, DO NOT REFUSE TO WORK - you'll forfeit your claim.

    If the employer fails to accommodate or sends you home, you're then entitled to your full wage loss benefits.

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