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    Default Finding Hand Surgeons That Take Nycomp

    While in L.I. ,N.Y. I was getting injections in hand for arthritis of the thumbs they weren’t working so doctor told me next step would be surgery. In the mean time. I retired and moved to Burlington N.C.. Trying to find a doctor in the chappelHill area that will take NY comp. Question #2 Can I go through my regular insurance BCBS for the surgery so I can have it down here with out running back and forth to L.I. N.Y. Would that be legal to do it that way?

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    Default Re: Finding Hand Surgeons That Take Nycomp

    Your insurance won't pay for a work related injury unless comp denies the claim.
    Why didn't you inform your treating doctor of this move and ask for a referral for a doc in N.C?
    No specialist will see you without a referral from your treating doc, they don't take walk in's.

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    Default Re: Finding Hand Surgeons That Take Nycomp

    It might be very difficult for you to find a doctor in NC that will take NY work comp. The doctors here will barely take NC comp. You would have the best luck at the large orthopedic practices, such as OrthoCarolina or Emerge, and call over there and speak with their "workers' compensation coordinator" in their business office. If you cannot find someone in your immediate area, look in Raleigh and Charlotte. Yes, you may need to drive a couple hours to find a doctor that will work with you on this. Here in NC, each doctor visit and procedure must be pre-authorized by the comp carrier, so that is what the local medical offices are accustomed to getting. Therefore you will probably have to arrange for your NY comp adjuster to pre-authorize everything if the local medical practice is willing to see you. Also, ask your NY adjuster to help you find a treater in NC.
    The North Carolina Court of Appeals has held that "In contested Workers' Compensation cases today, access to competent legal counsel is a virtual necessity." Church v. Baxter Travenol Labs, Inc., and American Motorists Insurance Company, 104 N.C. App. 411, 416 (1991).

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