Good evening everyone. I am posting this for my brother-in-law who was injured almost three years ago in Texas.

At the end of July in 2017 my brother-in-law was badly injured in an industrial construction accident in Texas. The injury left him paralyzed from the chest down. Even though he was alert and talking when he got to the hospital and even signed all his consent forms the doctors put him in a coma and left him in one for 37 days. We asked why they did that when his head injury was minimal and they have not given us an answer on that. By the time they brought him out of the coma to do surgery on his back it was too late to fix his pinched spinal cord.

He hired a lawyer that is licensed in Texas but is based in Baton Rouge, LA, At first the lawyer was working good with and was helping my brother-in-law the help he needed but that ended after about a year.

In October 2019 my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. He called his lawyer to tell him and his lawyer told him his injury needed to be three years old before he could collect a settlement. My brother-in-law wasn't asking about a settlement. Since that call the lawyer has had no contact with us. We have left messages, they haven't called us back. We have sent emails and they have not responded.

What exactly can we do if the lwayer won't have any contact with us?

Thank you.