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    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: MD. I have been on Workmanís Comp since April of 2019. I was employed with my company until August of 2019 when my company shut down. My co-workers were able to file for unemployment benefits but I could not since I was receiving WC benefits. Fast forward to the present February 2021. I am scheduled to have surgery on my left hand on March 1st with a two week recovery period. I will then be seeing my orthopedic doctor and may have a few weeks of therapy. My question is this, once Iím released to go back to work, I will no longer have an employer to go back to. Can I then file for unemployment ?
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    You can't collect comp and unemployment at the same time.
    Once you're released to work without restrictions and your comp benefits stop, you can then apply for unemployment.
    If you're released to work with restrictions and the employer fails to accommodate for any reason, including plant closing, you should still collect your full TTD benefits until you reach 100% recovery.

    Consult a lawyer at the first sign of problems.
    see pages 8-9 in the below link.

    Able To Work & Available For Work - When you file an initial claim for
    unemployment insurance benefits, you must be available for work without restrictions

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