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    Default Not Sure What to Do, Totally Confused, scared!

    I was injured on the job in Chicago June of 2019 working on a motion picture , my home and pay was through California ( local 729 IATSE )
    By the time I was approved for Any Physical Therapy in Chicago I had returned back to California.
    After returning to California I did physical therapy and I had two discs replaced at cervical C5-6
    And C6-7 levels , surgery on May 2020
    Eventually I requested help from a lawyer in Los Angeles California, that lawyer referred me to work with a lawyer in Chicago. ( both lawyers would receive 10% each)
    The lawyer in Chicago is close to a settlement, and suggest that I settle, but My condition has significantly worsened since the operation.
    I have neuropathy , and pain from the top to the bottom of my entire spine, ribs, arms , hands and neck.., with constant severe pain radiating from the surgery area itself..
    I just want the pain fixed and Iím not sure what to do and what direction to go,
    If I settle the claim will this negate any possibilities of fixing the surgery that was possibly botched In the future?
    The lawyer claims that I should settle because the insurance companies will just deny further claims four services.
    He claims that my personal insurance Will pay for any expenses if I am hurt at home in the same surgery area
    He also claims that I could re-open another claim if it is irritated or lit up on another job.
    My jobs are all separate jobs under different employers through the union
    1- is it possible or has anybody ever heard of, after settling a claim that their own insurance re-operated on the same injured area that was originally Workmenís Compensation,?
    2- when I settle does it negate any possibility of fixing the original surgery,
    3- what is the best outcome and what should I do?
    Thank you I am so Scared that I am Losing the use oh my hands they are my life!
    Please any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
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