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    Default To Settle or Not to Settle That is the question

    I was injured 2 years ago on a job. I have had two discs replaced in my neck , Surgery that was performed one year ago.
    If I am correct I believe I have three years after Original injury date before I have to settle or not, which means I only have approximately 11 months to decide.
    The injury seems to be worsening after the surgery at this point. Which is concerning for the future.
    If I do settle(close the case)I’m just wondering ( in the future on a new job) do I have the right to open a new claim on the same (affected )Injured area ? will they pay for Surgery on the same surgery area of the original claim if needed?
    •My lawyer claims that there is an a “ aggravated”
    Or “lit up” provisions of opening A new Claim
    In the future for the same injury . Is this true?
    •My lawyer also claims that once my case is close if I do injure myself at home and it affects the same previous Workmen’s Compensation injury my insurance would pay for it. Is this true?

    I’m just trying to make an educated decision on either taking the lifetime medical or settling so as I can get better care with my own insurance.
    Any advice would be appreciated thank you
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