Let me preface this by saying: I have an attorney but he's NOT giving me any advice. He just now finding out that I had a second surgery.

Hello everyone one. I feel like I have a unique set of circumstances. I gotta start from the beginning. I got injured on 2/26/18...I had/have a shoulder injury and was doing light duty from my injury date 2/26/18--4/5/18. I subsequently injured my other (right) shoulder from over compensating. So from my injury, after I finally had an MRI. They said I had a torn Labrum, Bone Spurs, Bursitis, a defected Acromion bone and arthritis. I finally had surgery on 11/4 /19...

I've officially been off of work since 4/5/18. Yes I've been off from work over three years and counting. Ok here's the unique set of circumstances. I just had another surgery (7/1/21 on the same shoulder but with new injuries that resorted from the first surgery. This time around I had a torn Rotator Cuff, a torn Bicep Tendon, deep compression, bone spurs and frozen shoulder. I've went and seen the QME for the forth time. He's been really helpful. But he didn't/couldn't give me an MME because I just had surgery. A surgery he recommended way back in 2/18/20...

Here's the last part, I'm most likely gotta have another surgery on my right shoulder as well. I also have nerve damage in my neck. All these injuries has been confirmed through MRI's, X-rays and electronic nerve testing device's. Realistically I probably got another year before I can get back to a decent use of my shoulders. My doctor's has already said I'm not gon have total use of my shoulders like before.

So my questions is: Where do I go from here? What type of financially settlement should I be looking for? My lawyer is of no help to me. Everything I got accomplished in my case, came from me making phone calls to physical therapists, a good orthopedic surgeon, pushing him to file expedited hearings.

Much much thank you to anyone that can give me some advice. I'll most definitely will appreciate it.

Work hard but please don't hurt yourselves like I did.