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    So, I posted in March about my injury, things improved a little with PT, and I went back to full duty. Then my knee got worse again, case was opened back up, and had surgery on my knee. My question this time around is this, bc I cannot recall... is it after I've been out of work for 21 calendar days that they have to pay me backpay? Bc I was officially put out of work July 16, then hit 21 days August 6. I contacted my adjuster midweek last week to remind her my 21 days was coming up THREE TIMES (to get a timeline as to how long before a backpay check was issued bc money is tight), emailed and called yesterday and today, as well as the nurse case manager and employee health, and can't get a response from ANYONE. I just want to make sure my info is correct before I get hold of someone and have to argue with them. I think it's 7 days waiting period, and then when you hit 21 you get 2/3 of backpay? And it's Calendar days, correct, including weekends? Thanks to anyone who can answer. (They dragged their feet last time too with my backpay)

    Edited to add: Also, do I have a right to see all my medical records? Including MRI, surgery, etc? And a second, separate opinion? Bc my healing isn't going as well as they keep saying it should be, and the nurse case manager I was assigned is VERY buddy-buddy with the ortho Dr, his PA, and the staff... as in, they're on a first name basis. I also feel it's possible my injury was worsened by not getting proper treatment (surgery) the first time around. The ortho is in the health system of the health system I work at and was injured at. Everything just seems incredibly shady.
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    Also, if my PT falls on the middle of my shift after return to work, are they required to pay me, or do I have to clock in and out? They said I have to clock on and out and lose my time.

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