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    Default Trump Unfit to Run Again

    How long will the people of this nation have to tolerate Trump and his crime syndicate pissing on our flag and spitting in the face of Mother Liberty
    In case anyone forgot, this asshole desecrated our Capitol and tried to overthrow our Democracy - If he succeeded we'd now be living under Martial law and under his dictatorship.

    Trump should be charged with murder for every life lost during HIS insurrection - just like the parents of the Oxford school shooter were charged with murder for the actions of their son.
    Enough of the games -JAIL THIS ASSHOLE NOW!!!

    Donald Trump’s actions while his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol show the former president is unfit for future office and could be held criminally responsible, said members of the House panel investigating the deadly 2021 riot.
    Trump “demonstrated he’s at war with the rule of law, that he’s willing to blow through every guardrail of democracy.”

    Cheney said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “We’re in situation where people have got to understand the danger of President Trump.”

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    Default Re: Trump Unfit to Run Again

    I think Joe Biden is a way better president than this scump

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