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Thread: Going Broke

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    So much of this thread just dont add up?....I waited one year before I filled for SSDI...Then I had a nerves breakdown and was hospitalized....I was in no condition to proceed....SS called me and asked why I hadn't finished off the paperwork....I told them I just couldnt do it and I was released from hospital....They were great and said just give us all your DRs names, phone #, and an address if I had it....I received my SSDI 3 1/2 months later....I had all the documentation I needed from my team of Drs...With that approval I was allowed to retire at age 45 and started receiving my pension.

    Its all about having the documentation that proves you are disabled and cant work!

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    Like I said, he filed prematurely before he was even found to have a permanent disability rating.
    He should refile now that he has a perm rating and see what happens.

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