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    Can I change my existing QME with new one?

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    Can I change my existing QME with new one?
    You can if you have good reason, like the initial appointment cannot be scheduled within 60 days or the QME has a disqualifying conflict of interest.
    A QME is done by a panel of three approved QME's selected at random by the DWC, it's not one doctor - you nor the employer has any control over which panel that will do the evaluation.
    Before you go any further, you better consult and retain a lawyer.

    Here's the form.
    State of California
    Division of Workers' Compensation - Medical Unit
    Replacement Panel Request-8 Cal. Code of Regulations section 31.5

    Here are some of the reasons for the request.
    31.5. QME Replacement Requests.

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