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    Thank you for this information as of my injuries is my eyes/vision/blurry and the doctors said I can possibly lose the vision in one due to lack of treatment. After seeing your post I will ask for all of the codes pertaining to my vision and make sure Medicare knows those are only for WC insurance coverage. I hope I am not getting out of this crappy system too early!! But with the codes given to Medicare, like you have done, it should be ok. Thanks!!!!
    Few thing here...Medicare dosent cover much on eyes...Unless its like immaculate degeneration or disorders like that...Yes I would look into it, find out the ins and outs.

    Tony I just muddle through the system....If a Dr. or Hospital says that Medicare is saying the treatment is part of my workmans comp claim is when I have given them the medical codes and the settlement agreement.....Now I would find it strange that WC has different codes for the same thing? I have no clue? My other 20% is covered by my union as part of my being retired with a disability.

    My attorneys pushed hard and said it was in my best interest for me to control it, as they fought me(IC) for over 8 years denying me meds, treatment, you name it.....They also said if the insurance company controlled MSA"my money that was set aside from a 3rd party settlement" expect them to screw with me....I took my team of attorneys word for all of it...Be it right or wrong, it is what it is...Everything was finally settled in 2014.

    I am no expert at all, just personal experience from my nightmare that started in 2007!....My mental state is far better not having to deal with WC insurance company.

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    Thanks for both of your input! YES, i want my mental state better and dealing with them and being denied or put on hold for months on end is horrible and I am sick of it too. Just curious if the MSA states certain meds in it is that the only meds I can use it for, even if my pain management changes them?

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