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    Well the commissioner denied her excess attorneys fees and expenses and I thought it was finally over. But my lawyer is requesting a rehearing to challenge their decision on the extra fees and is now bringing up COMAR regulations and that they just changed the rate of pay for lawyers as of Oct 1. Fricking nightmare!

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    Quote Quoting tony View Post
    That doesn't happen and is illegal.

    Fees are set by law, they're not negotiable - all attorney's are expected to do a great job.
    The commission couldn't grant such a stupid order if they wanted to - I find it hard to believe that any lawyer would try such a stupid stunt.
    This thread makes zero sense.

    Hey Tony,

    You are pretty much spot on. What this person is saying does not ad up. Worker' Compensation is a state regulated system and in most states the fee is capped, like in CA here we only get 15%, prior to that the judges would allow a little bit of wiggle room at settlement and I am talking awarding us 22% instead of a standard 21%. But you are absolutely right, unless this is some state that is totally off the beaten path the fee needs to be disclosed in the retainer and if anymore money is awarded it is the Judge. A lawyer cannot contract more money to themselves for "doing a good job"
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    Dexter, for the third time- respond to my PM or I'll have to take action.
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