"You pray in your distress and in your need..........
 would that you might also pray in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance
."     Kahlil Gibran

A Welcome to Injured Workers and Everyone Else Seeking Comfort

Thoughts on workers comp and discouragement

Inspirational Websites

The Christian Art of Danny Hahlbohm featuring midi music by "Songs of Praise."  There are many quality screen savers available for free download.

Nice Christian Inspirational Site.......

Dolores' Website
Dolores writes good poetry and this page is dedicated to Princess Diana

Rainbow Connection
Happiness is many different things to many different people.   Here you can send a beautiful FREE Internet Postcard or FREE ICQ Greeting to your friends,  can also read inspiring quotations & beautiful friendship poems to lift your spirits or find some comfort and encouragement. There are two special comforting sections to provide Moral Support & Comfort for those who are grieving, and also, for those who live with Chronic Pain.

Footprints in the Sand

Other Prints in the Sand

 in a weak voice, but sincere heart 

In Winter

I Refuse

Friends for a Season

 In His Mercy, God Directs Us

The Visitor

The Survival Kit

Two Boxes


List of Writings

A Little Bit of Happiness

Life in the Forest

Visiting Memories


A Letter From Jesus

A True Story of Faith & Prayer

A shimmering shower of white pearls

I am thankful for......

Who are you not?

Your life holds unlimited potential 
and wonderful dreams....

Columbine High School Lesson

Always Believe in Yourself

The Simplistic Composure of God's Grace


--you are all these dreams--

As Our Lives Go By

Eleanor Roosevelt, on the meaning of friendship

I Am Grateful!

Knock & the Door Shall Be Opened To Thee... humor

If You Can

The Visitor at Church humor

Guns in Church

God Said No

Is Your Hut Burning?

God's Positive Answers