Shoulder Injury At Work

I worked for a major Airlines in Hawaii in 1998. My title, Jr. Agent on the ramp they referred to us as Ramp Rats and later I also became a safety coach for the morning shift. I also had a combination license and was the only girl on my crew. And working with all men was not so bad except for the few guys that made it impossible for me to work there and my supervisor who egged them on. I was constantly thrown on the belt or on the line 5 days a week. Where most of the guys were on the line or belt no more then 1 to 2 days a week.

Well that finally wore my body down. My supervisor would constantly punish me for confronting him about it and telling him not to discuss my body parts with the rest of the guys. Well It didn't take long I began to feel the burning in my shoulders and risk. So I would lift with the other hand instead of my main hand. Then the other shoulder started to feel the pain and it did not go away.

You know working on the ramp you feel aches and pains but they normally go away. But this one did not, so I went to the doctors and that is when I found out I had a major shoulder problem. I have had nothing but problems from this company since my injury. The insurance company Kemper does not even want to give me mileage reimbursement. They say they want a signed note from the doctor stating I could not take public transportation. I lived nearly a mile in a half from the bus stop. So I finally got a lawyer, and had my surgery and now am waiting to heal. I need to do surgery on the left shoulder next.

The challenge is the Insurance company that plays you for a two dollar bill. But even if it is a nickel I am not giving up. I am now in California and still going through this but there is a positive side to this, I am a fighter true and true. And my main source is the man up stairs. He'll make sure it's never more then I can handle. So I know all in all, everything will be fine in time.

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