About To Be Homeless

It was very comforting to me to find your web page I only wish I had found it sooner. I have had my life, and the life of my family destroyed thanks to my employer.

I was injured on the job 9-23-2000.This was the second time I got hurt at the same company. 90% of the time we ran the operation without supervisors present or such a skeleton crew if someone did get hurt it was very hard to obtain medical.

I have always been a very devoted worker and went the extra mile to do a good job and got awards for doing so. So when I got injured a second time I never expected what happened to me. I was injured on a Friday night Saturday morning after midnight and told a few co-workers, but I was able to complete the night because my job came first and we were very shorthanded. I never thought otherwise, I was doing the right thing.

When my shift ended I went to look for the one mgr. that was on duty, he had left , I looked for his car it too was gone. The building locked itself so no one physically had to be there to lock up. So I went on home but the pain kept getting worse, I called my mgr at home he said if I could not wait till he was in Monday at midnight that he would call and authorize treatment but I did not want to be a burden so I came in Monday night when he got there. He wrote up what happened and gave me papers to see the company doctor.

The company doctor confirmed that it was a new injury and that I definitely was not capable of working and that I needed physical therapy so Barnes Care called to let my employer know this and authorize therapy. Another manager at my company refused me treatment! I was floored and kept calling and going up there with no avail.

In the next few days I was in the hospital, the pain was so intense that I could not walk or function. I kept thinking this was a bad dream, I worked hard and had lots of Bravo Zulu's to show I cared. But the problem grew by now I had a attorney he said that the Workers Comp. division is frowning on employers such as mine trying to play hardball and refuse their people medical. "Don't worry" I kept all the papers from the company doctor, I even another company doctor dr 6 months after the injury at the request of their attorney to verify that I was still not functioning normally. He too stated that this was a new injury unrelated to the first and that I was not capable of working due to the pain and weakness.

My employer refused their own doctors statement in court and got away with it. So one year later I still feel like the lone ranger, all alone, this happens to no one else the story only gets worse one year after my injury my employer brings five paid liars to court and I get told the workman's comp is denied. Now, none of their statements even matched their depositions they gave right after the accident, but somehow the ruling is that they are credible and I am not. My attorney did not even question this and when I questioned him he turned on me and asked me what I did to provoke these people into being such liars.

Since WC was denied in October 2001 I have called my attorney more than 48 times with no response, most of the messages were voice mails asking him to explain why all along he advised me not to worry because the depositions were in my favor and their doctors statement backed me up and I gave him a list of witnesses to testify on my behalf but he never even contacted them, but to date he has not returned one call. I have called his assistant and asked for a update but she has asked me not to call her because she could be fired for telling me anything.

So now not only has my employer done me wrong but the attorney that I was supposed to trust does not even acknowledge that I am alive, I am out there all alone with no income and no way to get the medical treatment that I desperately need, no one cares. The system is only there for the people with money. I even tried to write all my state and local politicians even to find someone that cared enough to help a John Doe like me but they too are too busy.

I am about to be homeless and just give up because the pain is so bad and I am out of options.

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