Workplace Injury to My Back

I hurt my back at work in June of 02. Told them didn't do any good. So kept working until jan .had to go to doctor pain in lower back, and left leg hurt so bad couldn't walk.

They said I probably had a pinched nerve. So they put me on light duty.

My employer didn't like that said I should have ask if I needed a wheelchair. So told doctor an he put me off work.

Got no better after 3 weeks so sent me to orthopedic which they did mri and said I had a ruptured disk a herniated disk, osteoarthritis.

Went to court and got nothing they said I did not tell my employer but he said that I did tell him on the day it happened. But that wasn't good. so thy denied me any comp.

So cant work have no income. Have four kids Stuck what to do.

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