Bulging Disc from Back Injury

I had went two months hurting and I was still attending work.

I saw two different doctors which had different opinions of my injury. One whom said I needed to have a fusion and the other said I would be crazy to do that kind of procedure at the age of 38.

I ended up having just the regular surgery to have the disk shaved. This procedure turned out worse than I feel the other would have. The doctor cut a nerve in my back and to this day I still have problems with my back and I can barely walk.

My wife had surgery right after I did. Neither of us are bringing home any money to make our payments. I was suppose to still get paid for the time that I was out of work, but my doctors disabled me 100%. So now I have no income.

I am very upset with the outcome of this. Now that my wife and I are going through the process of trying to get our money the doctor has miraculously changed his mind about disabling me. Call it coincidental but I'm still in the same shape physically as I was when he disabled me. Now we are not sure if we are even going to receive anything from this company.

Its very frustrating for me to know this when I have worked for the same company for fifteen years. I showed up every day even when I wasn't feeling up to it. I hope that everyone learns from this story and fights to get what you deserve. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.


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