Carpal Tunnel Syndrome After a Wrist Injury

I injured wrist in 99. Turned into carpal tunnel in 2000 had the surgery in 2001.

Had PPI rating 2002 with payout. Now they are trying to tell the pain that I'm left with after surgery and the fact that it has also affected other wrist is all in my head. Want me to travel from Alaska to Oregon for exam by "psycho" DRs.

Seen independant med DR she's the one that thinks it all in my head. Blasted all my other DRs from bad hand writing to why so many blocks.

Every time I get med refills it takes at least a week to get them ( glad it's not heart meds I need).

Independent DR wrote alot of crap that the original injury could not have turned into carpal tunnel. Original injury was bad sprain.

File now at lawyers office cause Work Comp carrier supposed to be so short handed.

Thanks for a place to air my frustration.

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